Thursday, January 20, 2005

Two Socks On One Circular - Spiral Cast-On

Introduction to the Spiral Cast-On
There are many ways to start a toe up sock: Short rows, Figure 8, Easy Toe or Aloha Cast-On. My method is similar to the Figure 8 and Aloha methods, except you just wrap the yarn in a spiral around one needle and the small cable of that same needle to start the first round of a toe up sock. I use this same spiral for any provisional cast-ons that I need to do. For other types of knitting, where you need to knit in the opposite direction, I use the skinny cable from a different needle - the smaller the cable, the better. After you knit the first row of the spiral, you can transfer the stitches easily to a fatter Denise cable or stitch holder, if you wish. I use long size 000 Addi Turbos for lifelines and stitch holders as I can knit right off of them and I hate to pick up stitches from yarn or string.

I'm using a 47" size 1 (2.5mm) Addi Turbo circular needle and 2 balls of yarn:

Cast-On for the First Sock:
I work from right to left, casting on the first sock that will be knit, then the second. Hold the left needle on top and bend the cable and hold it parallel and against the bottom of the left needle, with the right needle hanging loose. Taking about 12 inches of the yarn, hook it with the tail going to the back between the left needle and the cable. Bring the tail down, forward, up and over to the back 8 times in a spiral and then bring the tail from back to front between the needle and the cable. You have just cast on 8 stitches and knit one half of the first round of the first sock:

Cast-On for the Second Sock:
Taking about 12 inches of the second ball of yarn, thread it with the tail going to the back between the needle and the cable to the left of the first sock's cast-on. Bring the tail down, forward, up and over to the back 8 times in a spiral and then bring the tail from back to front between the needle and the cable. You have cast on another 8 stitches and knit one half of the second round of the second sock:

Both Socks Cast On and Ready to Knit:

Click on most pics for a bigger view.

Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Tutorial Preview

I've been planning on a sock tutorial for quite awhile. I have my own way of casting on for toe-up socks and I do them both at the same time on one long circular needle. Here is a preview of a sock in progress if you want to try to figure it out for yourself:

Click on pic for a bigger view.

Friday, January 14, 2005

Clap for Clapotis

I'm working on a scarf/shawl called Clapotis, free pattern here. I'm part of the DH Stitch-Along, so named because some of us knit and some crochet. The only pattern requirement is something for the neck and it ends in March, but many of us are tackling Clapotis, especially since we saw this one. I'm also using Silk Garden - here's my progress:

Click on pic for a bigger view.

Sunday, January 09, 2005

It's Been Awhile

I finally got my camera, and then had to spend about a week trying to figure out how to use it. So, I'll had some photos of my WIP's (Works in Progress for all you non-knitter list people). I'm so excited, I feel like a real blogger now!

First up: Socks for my friend who loves purple. I've lengthened them and am in the middle of grafting them back together (What a confusing looking mess):

Next: Socks for my Dad. These are so big it takes over 200 stitches to make one row on both socks:

Click on either pic for a bigger view.

Thursday, December 23, 2004

Good News!

First - I was able to get an older version of Photoshop for a steal - online download. Now I can edit photos and create images for this blog and other stuff.

Second - My digital camera has been shipped! Yay!

Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Last Day of Work

Yeah!! It is my last day to work before Christmas! Now I can spend most of tomorrow knitting and shopping for a birthday gift. My son's friend was born on Christmas day and we are celebrating it at his house. Totally non-traditional Christmas fun - the kind I like best. I also will have time to come up with some images to post here - maybe.

Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Still Waiting

I'm still waiting for my digital camera to arrive. It is not supposed to ship before 12/24, so I'm only getting the mini-tripod before Christmas. How useful. I am working on a pair of purple socks for a friend, I may have to scan them in to post them here before I give them to her, but who knows. It will take some time to finish them because I did my mistake of starting the gusset too soon so that they are too short, but only a half inch this time. They are a little too tight as well, so I am loosening up my gauge on the cuffs (I always knit socks toe up, 2s1c) and adding a little more length to the foot to allow more horizontal stretch.

I'm also working on a pair of socks for my Dad. I was astonished at how many requirements he had for a pair of socks. He has serious sensitive skin and sensory issues, so he needs to have no nylon or artificial fibers in his socks and they must be very loose at the toes and the ankles. I already had some discount skeins of Cherry Tree Hill Supersock (100% superwash merino) Solids that I got from eBay, so I picked the color Bark (dark brown) and black for the toes and heels, since he wants socks sized for about a size 13 men's shoe (he wears size 11), I didn't think one skein would be enough. I used the Eye of Partridge (EOP) stitch to reinforce the toes since he wears them out there first. When I finished the toes and started the brown yarn in stockinette, I fell in love with this yarn! It is so silky, soft and beautiful when knit up. It looks better than I ever imagined. I am now getting a bunch more on eBay at a discount because it is regularly $21 for 4 ozs.